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Crystal Prescriptions

What is a crystal prescription?

A Crystal Prescription is a professional recommendation of healing crystals and suggested ways to use them, based on your unique personal circumstances.


Each Crystal Prescription includes:

- A list of crystals recommended for your situation, and their healing properties

- A diagram of a simple body layout created personally for you

- A custom set of crystals for you to use for crystal healing at home

What can I expect from a crystal prescription?

Consultation - The first step is to book a video or phone consultation with our certified Crystal Healing Practitioner. This consultation will allow us to explore your healing goals and get a better understanding of how we can assist you. 

Creating the Prescription - Our certified Crystal Healing Practitioner will take all the information you have provided and create a personalised prescription for you. This step may take 1-2 weeks.

Receiving Your Prescription - Once your personal Crystal Prescription has been completed, you will receive an e-mail containing the documents created for you, and your custom set of healing crystals will be posted to you. 

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