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A professionally curated set of crystals that work together to help you manifest abundance and success. This crystal healing set radiates prosperity and is perfect for working with the law of attraction and manifesting your goals and desires. 


  • Citrine - Known as the 'stone of success', Citrine helps manifest wealth, prosperity and success. It promotes confidence, power and positivity, and encourages sharing in your spoils. 


  • Clear Quartz - Clear Quartz helps you to define your goals by offering clarity of vision, and clearing your mind of thoughts that may be sabotaging your success. Clear Quartz can also be programmed to help you attract and manifest anything you desire. 


  • Green Aventurine - Known for being one of the luckiest stones, Green Aventurine will bring you opportunity, motivation, optimism and good luck. While attracting prosperity and wealth, it will help you release old patterns and programming to make room for new growth. 


  • Jade - Jade reminds us to love and be grateful for that which we already possess. It helps to release self-imposed limitations and promotes self-sufficiency and confidence, to help you manifest your goals. 


  • Pyrite - Pyrite is one of the most well-known stones for attracting wealth and abundance. It promotes vitality and confidence, and helps to bring you success and prosperity. 


Abundance | Crystal Healing Set

$29.00 Regular Price
$23.20Sale Price