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Selenite has an ethereal quality and is said to inhabit the place between light and matter. It has a very high vibration and is excellent for meditation and spiritual work. Selenite opens your higher chakras to bring you a higher guidance and clarity of mind. It offers higher wisdom, insight, and deep peace.

It is also a very strong protection stone, with the ability to detach negative entities and energies from the aura or a space, and can be used to form a protective grid around a home to keep all negativity at bay. 


Tumbled stones are small, smooth and highly polished crystals. They radiate energy in all directions and are all-purpose, meaning they can be used for anything!

Tumbled stones are easy to work with and are especially great for crystal beginners as they are ultra-portable, inexpensive and are less fragile than other crystal states.

Selenite | Tumbled Stone