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About Crystalline


Crystalline is a place of harmony, wellness and spirituality, where we aim to bring healing, balance, guidance and growth. Our goal is to help bring you deep inner peace and awareness by connecting you with your Higher Self, and assisting you on the journey to learning how to nurture and honour the truest version of yourself.​

Each of our crystal healing products are designed and handmade with the purest intention, to bring you the best high-vibe healing tools no matter where you are in your crystal healing journey.


At Crystalline, we believe that nature and the universal energies must be respected and honoured, and for this reason we are proudly 100% vegan and environmentally friendly! All of our products are made from eco-friendly materials, and all packaging is reusable, recyclable or biodegradable.


All of our crystals are sourced from reliable and ethical suppliers and are of the highest quality. Every crystal you receive has been lovingly hand-selected to ensure it meets the highest aesthetic and energetic standards, so you can always expect your crystals to be of high quality and hold the highest vibrational healing energy. 


All items purchased are packaged carefully with love in eco-friendly packaging. Each item is thoroughly checked over before being packaged and sent to our customers. However, regretfully from time to time your items may be damaged during transit. For breakages and exchange requests please see our Return Policy. 


Once parcels are dispatched, Crystalline Holistic Harmony is no longer responsible for any transit issues that may occur. While we understand that you may be excited and anxious to receive your order, once a parcel has been shipped we no longer have any control over it. If you are concerned about the whereabouts of your parcel, please contact AusPost for tracking information and delivery updates.


As many of our crystals are naturally formed, it is normal for the stone to have minor flaws, marks, and chips in it. For this reason we do not provide refunds for crystals that exhibit these perfectly natural and unique features.


If your order arrives damaged or broken, please contact us via email ( within 48 hours of receiving your parcel with photos of the damaged item. We will be happy to replace your broken piece or issue you with store credit.

My Story

Hello Beautiful Souls

My name is Anna, and I am a Transpersonal Crystal Healing®️ Practitioner and Certified Crystal Bodyworker.

I created Crystalline as a way to spread peace and harmony, by creating beautiful handmade crystal products and offering my crystal healing services to those in need.

I have loved everything spiritual since I was a child, which was largely influenced by my mother and her spiritual practices. Growing up, there were always crystals around our home - in windowsills, in the garden, in doorways. As a child I didn’t think much more other than ‘these rocks are pretty’, but as I grew older, my mother taught me how to feel a crystals energy, and that they could be used for different things. As a teenager, crystal pendant necklaces were my staple accessory, and visiting crystal shops with my mum was one of my favourite things to do. But it wasn’t until I was 21 that I really dove into my spirituality and started properly learning about crystals.

At 21, I experienced what is known as ‘the Dark Night of the Soul’. This phenomenon is essentially a complete death and rebirth of the soul, in which you go through a profound spiritual awakening. When my old self was stripped away and my true self was found, the one thing that was abundantly clear was the importance of my spirituality. So I dove in deep, researched all that I could, read book after book about New Age practices and about crystals, and quickly discovered an entire community of people who share my interests. Things I had been doing my entire life finally had names, things I had experienced finally made sense, and the more I learned, the more I really felt like my true self. From here, everything seemed to just fall into place, and the path ahead seemed clear.

I have always felt a strong pull towards healing and nurturing others, and when I began studying Crystal Healing I knew instantly that this was the path I was destined to follow, and that using crystals to heal and guide others was my soul purpose.

 I invite you to embark on a journey into a deeper relationship with yourself, and deepen your relationship with Spirit, the Divine, or the Universe. Through my work with crystal energy I have learned that by navigating through the deepest parts of yourself you can unlock the most profound healing and growth, which can lead you on a path you may have never imagined. 

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